Simple Effective System for Type 1

Lyle Haugen, RHC and RNHC, is a Type 1 diabetic and a registered nutrition health coach. He was diagnosed in 1985, a week after surviving an industrial explosion at a natural gas facility. As a result, Lyle faced a number of hardships, having to change from his trained profession in commercial diving and suffering from associated conditions, like eye problems, Crohns/Colitis, and diabetic gastroparesis.

After 20+ years experimenting with various treatments, Lyle decided to seize control of his own health. With years of diabetes experience and training as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Lyle developed a simple yet effective system for all those who live with Type 1, where balancing those sugars will net improvements in health, resolve many conditions, and help transform a new life.

Lyle Haugen Vroom Veer Stories

Amazing story about how he survives getting blown up near the arctic circle while working on a job; survives the explosion but the trauma kicked his body into type 1 diabetes.

Learns to live in the “prison” of type 1, trying to work out 4 four variables of diet, insulin, exercise, and avoiding fight or flight situations; he saw this a quadratic equation.

He developed all sorts of extra conditions that go along with type 1, Crohns/Colitis, eye problems and diabetic gastroparesis.

Between doctors he took a job that required him to pack his food for the entire gig; he put together with nuts, healthy fats and proteins and minimal carbs; learned he was on to something.

Solved for x of insulin by hitting the sweet spot of long term insulin to keep his base level where it needed to be without big spikes.

Solved for y by eating healthy whole foods; z was walking and pickle ball which everyone should check out.

The final variable of fight or flight he didn’t “fix”; but manages with meditation; breathing techniques and other ways to stay calm in stressful situations.

Read the full transcript below:

Jeffery Smith: Lyle Haugen, I hope I said your name right.

Lyle Haugen: Perfect.

Jeffery Smith: Welcome to the show and thanks for being on Vroom Vroom Veer. How’s it going?

Lyle Haugen: Excellent. And it was Jeff Smithe? Smith?

Jeffery Smith: Smithey. Yes. Yeah. It’s one of those names that if you’re screwing it up, I know you’re messing with me. Which I love. Which I love.

Lyle Haugen: It’s like, how do you get exotic with that? It’s Smith.

Jeffery Smith: Yeah. You really can’t. Smithe is about as far as-

Lyle Haugen: Well, I’d rather have your name than mine, ’cause nobody gets it right, so don’t fret.

Jeffery Smith: Right, right. No it’s actually fun having a very common name. It’s comedy forever.

Lyle Haugen: Well, you could blend in, nobody knew you were there, right?

Jeffery Smith: That’s right, that’s right. I like to say I’m hiding in plain sight, which is awesome.

Lyle Haugen: Yeah. It’s digital camouflage, right? You can say everybody-

Jeffery Smith: Correct. That’s right. And you’ve always got that, “Well that wasn’t me. That was some other dude named Jeff.”

Lyle Haugen: That was another Smith. They grow on trees around here.

Jeffery Smith: It could not possible by me, right, yes. Right. And there’s always three Jeff Smith’s everywhere you work. It’s amazing, it’s endlessly fun.

Lyle Haugen: Well for guys like me that have a hard time with names it makes it easy, because there’s just one Jeff Smith and they just all come at the same time, right?

Jeffery Smith: And you are always in the example in every book. It was usually either Jim Smith or John Smith. I think it was always John Smith, right?

Lyle Haugen: John Smith, yeah.

Jeffery Smith: Was the sample name in all textbooks.

Lyle Haugen: That’s right. That’s right.

Jeffery Smith: Okay, so before we chatter on until we all bleed our ears out, you are at and talk a little bit about what you’ve got going on in your business that you’re most excited about today.

Lyle Haugen: Excellent. Well at what I’m doing right now I’ve got … if everybody would like to take a quick run over to the website, there’s a free report there that I think everybody could kind of relate to. And with type one diabetes sleeping at night can sometimes be a major problem.

Jeffery Smith: Right.

Lyle Haugen: So, this is a report I made up, type one simplified, the all night sleep solution. The best part in here is a whole bunch of words. I hope they help, I really meant them to help, I want them to help, but there’s a recipe in here that you’ll die for, Jeff.

Jeffery Smith: Oh really? Okay. Now I have to check that out.

Lyle Haugen: It’s an energy bar that has about five different nuts and five different seeds, dried fruits, a chocolate topping on it. Got coconut in there, it’s the bomb.

Jeffery Smith: And it tastes good too? It sounds good.

Lyle Haugen: Well that’s the wild part. The wild part is I have people-

Jeffery Smith: It’s not just good for you?

Lyle Haugen: I have people take a bite and all the other diabetics out there will understand this because people look at you when you take a bite of something that they obviously think you shouldn’t eat-

Jeffery Smith: Right. It’s obviously made of sugar.

Lyle Haugen: Yeah. So they’ll take a bite and they’ll just give you that snap look and they’ll go, “You’re supposed to eat this?”

Jeffery Smith: Right? And you want to go to sleep after you eat that?

Lyle Haugen: Well right. And this is what I try to do … sorry, I’m wobbling around here.

Jeffery Smith: That’s all good. No, it’s perfect.

Lyle Haugen: Messing up the mic there. Being in touch with your food, with real food, with whole food is so important to being able to manage … I don’t care whether you’re diabetic, a chimpanzee or whatever, if you don’t get the right stuff in you-

Jeffery Smith: That’s true.

Lyle Haugen: … you’re not going to have the right stuff coming out of you.

Jeffery Smith: It’s true. Yeah. And when I … the first thing I thought of when I started reading your one sheet and your website and everything else, I know it’s specifically for people with type one diabetes, but it applies to everybody. I don’t have type one diabetes and I’m like, yep, I’ve gone through all of this stuff. I mean to a lesser degree, right?

Lyle Haugen: Can we do our first veer?

Jeffery Smith: Of course.

Lyle Haugen: In my travels, in the last five years of making this changeover because it’s been a bit of a time, and I’m 56, I don’t move as quick as I used to, right?

Jeffery Smith: Sure.

Lyle Haugen: So in this changeover I’d moved to a different town, took me a year and a half to get a new doctor. I live in Canada, don’t think that our healthcare system is perfect. Sometimes we … we’ve got to pay for it, but if you can’t find one what does it matter, right?

Jeffery Smith: Right. Right. Still have to find a good doctor. Right.

Lyle Haugen: And this is partly why I ended up really taking control of my own health and my own body, but I would basically … he was my gatekeeper to getting access to my insulin.

Jeffery Smith: Okay. Gotcha.

Lyle Haugen: Understand? Like you’ve got to go through the doctor to get prescriptions so you can get it, right?

Jeffery Smith: Yeah. He’s your drug dealer?

Lyle Haugen: Pretty much.

Jeffery Smith: Yeah.

Lyle Haugen: Yeah, you nailed it. So, you know, I’m going down, hanging down on the corner with my doctor there and he’s looking at my numbers and he’s looking at my stats and he’s just like, “Huh.” And I went, “What?” “Well I asked you to give me a list of all the drugs that you’re on and all you’ve got down here is insulin.” And I go, “Yeah. Well technically that’s a hormone, it’s not really a drug, but yeah.” “Well you don’t take anything else?” And I go, “No.” So he does the blood pressure, 115 over 65.

Jeffery Smith: That’s pretty good.

Lyle Haugen: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s kind of a runners kind of blood pressure.

Jeffery Smith: Right.

Lyle Haugen: Trust me, I’m not, I’m an efficiency expert. I’d rather sit than stand and lay than sit, okay?

Jeffery Smith: Yeah. I only run if something’s chasing me.

Lyle Haugen: Yeah, yeah. If I’m running you might want to join in, right?

Jeffery Smith: Right. Right.

Lyle Haugen: So he just keeps looking through the numbers and, you know, I don’t want to be technical or anything, but there’s a number that we’re supposed to be within when they take a blood test, it’s called a hemoglobin A1c, it’s a percentage, an average over 60 to 90 days what your blood sugar is.

Jeffery Smith: Sure.

Lyle Haugen: So he looks at that and it’s 5.7. Well normal is 4.5 to 5.7.

Jeffery Smith: Okay. So you’re good?

Lyle Haugen: So I’m good, right? But he also sees that I’m quite healthy, I’m not a Mark Sisson or any of those other guys that have, you know, got the real ripped six pack, I’m more of a four pack with a headrest kind of guy, right?

Jeffery Smith: That’s funny. That’s good. I’m keeping that one.

Lyle Haugen: That image will probably last for a while. So finally a couple of things go on and he just can’t quite figure it out, I just keep dropping a couple of little things and I said, “Well I just do it with my diet.” And finally he got curious, “Well what do you do?” So I fed him some of these bars and he was just all over them like a, you know, large fella on a Smartie if you know what I’m getting at, right?

Jeffery Smith: Yeah.

Lyle Haugen: He just finally one day said, “Have you got any scientific proof?” They always want to see studies, right?

Jeffery Smith: Sure. Of course.

Lyle Haugen: But it’s all about the studies, Jeff. Study this, study that, study, study, study. So I did, I brought him in a couple of things. I’ve got a shake on my website that I have every day. That he has every day and his whole family has every day now. I digress. But let’s get back to the fact that this shake, in there is hemp parts, hulled hemp seeds, right?