Should Type 1’s take Ibuprofen or eat the Breakfast Shake in the Morning?

Taking pain relief medication may be as automatic as breathing is for you; you don’t think about it, you just take it. The pain you experience as a type 1 diabetic can be mild and persistent or sudden and extreme. But to what consequences? And… you're probably asking, what else can you do but take the medications and just hope they help you through your day.

Experiencing tremendous or chronic pain may interfere with your mobility, your sense of well being and worst of all can disrupt your ability to manage good blood sugar control.

What if changing your morning routine, results in eliminating that pill to get going?

Instead of taking Ibuprofen, could eating something as unusual as “The Breakfast Shake” solve your pain?

10 years ago, I used to wake up and go to the kitchen for my morning routine of ibuprofen and coffee. It helped my knees, achy back and grumpy moods.

I know a lot of Type 1’s experience something like this.

My doctor started me on this routine as he said it was best for my body.

It wouldn’t be until years later, that I learned Ibuprofen hurts my gut and there’s a way to feel even better the moment you wake up from bed…

Using Ibuprofen or NSAIDs On a Daily Basis?

I’m not going to comment a lot about Ibuprofen or over the counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, they do have a specific usefulness. But these drugs were never intended for long-term periods or be used continuously like I see and hear how some people use it.

Research shows possible liver damage from chronic use of NSAIDs. And, this is not where the side effects stop either, but I’m not going there today.

The direct question we need to ask ourselves is, “Why is my XYZ inflamed?” Assuming you haven’t physically injured yourself from a tragic event, the chronic, systemic inflammation is what I’m concerned with. This chronic condition, if left unresolved, may lead to more severe diseases. The question is what can you do now to curb or eliminate this problem of chronic inflammation?

Today, I want to introduce a fellow pickleball player and coach. She has a fantastic story about this exact question – Ibuprofen or a Breakfast Shake.

Lanaya was taking the maximum amount of Ibuprofen daily, and sometimes more to deal with her chronic systemic inflammation, stiffness and pain. Currently, she has a shake every morning and feels terrific.

How the Shake Changed Lanaya’s Pickleball Game?

With my health improvements and better blood sugars, I started playing a game called Pickleball. Pickleball was entirely new for me; I had never even heard the game mentioned.

One day a couple from Calgary showed up to play. Turns out these two were coaches.

They loved the area so much, they stayed for a week. During the week we played and learned and, most importantly, got to know each other. Pickleball is a great social game. People travel to just see who’s there to play pickleball with and have fun.

Off the court, we hung out a bit as well. I asked if they were hungry, like a good host would, and said I would get them a little something to eat. Turns out neither had eaten breakfast. So, I offered to make them a breakfast shake.

“What’s that?” was the response I heard.

“Come to the kitchen and I will teach you,” I said.

While I begin to make a shake for them, I take notice Lanaya stretching and massaging different parts of her body. It’s not unusual for her to stretch before we play, but she was in pain and had very stiff joints.

Being the concerned health coach that I am, I asked what she did for the pain and stiffness.

She replied, “Well, I take Ibuprofen every morning. Then usually all day”

I continue to be concerned and ask if the Ibuprofen helps her much when she takes it. She said, “A little, takes the edge off.”

I turn my attention back to making breakfast and build the two of them a breakfast shake. This shake was developed and formulated to provide a slow consistent release of carbohydrate. It’s also incredibly tasty but, most importantly, it contains a synergistic blend of anti-inflammatory nutrients.

The Breakfast Shake


So this was what I made for Lanaya and Mike.

They ate their shakes and we were off to pickleball.

About two games in, I hear the two of them on the next court laughing and shouting. I begin to eavesdrop.

"I don’t know why I’m missing and hitting it too hard,” Lanaya said laughing, “all my joints feel loose and don’t hurt. “What’s your excuse,” she asks?

Laughing he said,” That’s exactly what I’m feeling, plus I’m hitting the ball early because I’m so loose.”

My turn to serve on my court and they both looked at me and said laughing, “It’s his fault we are like this. What the heck was in that shake?”

Laughing boisterously, I said, “I could tell you, but then my secret would get out.”

Later we sat and giggled about the different games we had played together and with others. They were so amazed how they felt after eating just one breakfast shake. Here’s why the shake is so powerful.

The fantastic synergy of this superfoods recipe comes from combining avocado, hemp hearts, nuts (walnuts, pecans and Brazil), a 2” piece of banana, frozen berries, coconut milk, Ceylon cinnamon, turmeric, vanilla, maple syrup, black pepper and sea salt. I also add vitamin D and Iodine.



Nature’s butter. Great for the eyes, vital for us type 1’s. Research shows certain light waves (blue light) damages the retina. The body is unable to filter this harmful light. Enter the Avocado. These yummies are saturated with a carotenoid called lutein, which helps with filtering blue light. Avocados contain fibre, vitamin B6, great for liver support. Numerous other nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E, folate, Potassium (more than a banana contains), vitamin K and D. So, good for the eyes, the liver and loaded with essential nutrients. Avocados are perfect for all but especially type 1 diabetics. They slow the release of your carbohydrates. Helping you balance blood sugars with ease.

Hemp Hearts/seeds.

The frequently asked question about hemp hearts (the gourd of the seed), “Will they make me high?” No, the seeds contain no psychotropics. You won’t get high, but you will get a ton of nutrition.

These tiny little seed hearts pack a complete protein, meaning they contain all the essential amino acids. Plus packed with fibre, minerals, antioxidants and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acid. They are also a great protein source (3 tablespoons contain 11 grams) and contain high amounts of vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron and zinc. Research has uncovered hemp hearts ability to lower blood pressure – acute or chronic.


Turmeric is the third ingredient of the anti-inflammatory trifecta this shake delivers. Turmeric is well researched and has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine. The active ingredient is called curcumin. Here’s a quote from research scientist, Manohar Garg.

“Curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent,” said Professor Manohar Garg, director of the nutraceuticals research program at the University of Newcastle.

These are only three of the ingredients included in the shake and combined with the remaining ingredients, a wonderfully creamy delicious and healthy treat emerges. Great for breakfast or anytime you need something fast and great for your body.


If you want to feel what Lanaya experienced, please click below for your copy of the recipe.

This is a simple lifestyle change. A tasty shake instead of a pill.


So, we have taken a brief view of the shake and anti-inflammatory medication, plus a pickleball story to go with it. Ibuprofen has its place in your cabinet, I would never dispute that. But… now that you have the option to reach into the kitchen cupboard for shake ingredients, why not enjoy it.

Imagine, not needing to reach for a pill to get moving in the morning or throughout your day.

The damage associated with chronic NSAIDs is well documented and to avoid this scenario, addressing the chronic systemic inflammation is the best place to begin. Your body may be experiencing this condition due mostly to the consumption of certain reactive foods. By merely making a few changes in your diet, Ibuprofen can stay in the cabinet.

A simple diet change is what worked for Lanaya and for the many others that have tried this recipe. The synergistic, anti-inflammatory effect of this shake is precisely what the pickleball couple experienced. Lanaya comments below;

“At our level of play, having this secret weapon in our bag wins games,” expressed Lanaya. “I see now, how this recipe helps a lot more than Ibuprofen, I’m always so amazed how good we feel and the energy we have starting the day with a shake,” added Lanaya.


I want to hear from you. What does the “Breakfast Shake” do for you, your blood sugars and other life improvements.

Thank you for your support.

With better health,

Lyle Haugen, RHC, RNHC

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