It’s the 200th Simply Human Podcast!

Rick and Mark are modern marvels of podcast productivity!

On today's historic show is Lyle Haugen, a Type 1 diabetic and a registered nutrition health coach. He was diagnosed in 1985, a week after surviving an industrial explosion at a natural gas facility. As a result, Lyle faced a number of hardships, having to change from his trained profession in commercial diving and suffering from associated conditions, like eye problems, Crohns/Colitis, and diabetic gastroparesis.

They talk to Lyle about Rick feeling his lips, Minot, his birthday -- November 25, a huge explosion, Rick's inappropriate laugh, the difference in Type 1 and 2 diabetes, eating bread, if it's good for a diabetic - it's good for a non-diabetic, and more!

Before they talk to Lyle, Mark and Rick talk about Nathan For You. Thanks for listening!

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The banter between the podcasters is not included in the Transcript below.

Hope you enjoy.


Mark: Lyle is here. Lyle, how are you?

Lyle: Excellent Mark. How are you?

Mark: I'm great. So, I'm obviously … I'm Mark and my co-host is Rick, who's the one

talking about "Game of Thrones" "Games in Throne?" What is it?

Rick: It's the most popular television in the world, so [inaudible 00:15:25]

Lyle: You like watching that, do you Rick?

Rick: I do.

Lyle: I've never seen an episode.

Mark: Did you read the books?

Rick: Really?

Lyle: Nope.

Rick: Did you read the books? Shut up, Mark. No one has read the book and then watch the show.

Rick: Okay, settle us a … settle the bet. How do you pronounce your last name?

Lyle: Haugen.

Mark: I got it.

Rick: No, you didn't.

Mark: I did too. I can reply to the tape.

Rick: Oh, maybe you did.

Lyle: This is a great discussion. I'm glad you picked up on that because nobody gets

the name right. I could even go right up to you and, face-to-face, and I'll say,

"Hi. My name's Lyle Haugen." And, they'll look at you and go, "Oh, Mister


Mark: Hagen, Hagan, no Haugen

Lyle: Oh yeah. I've heard them all. I've heard them all.

Mark: Yup.

Rick: [crosstalk 00:16:08]

Lyle: Just don't call me late for supper guys.

Mark: That's what I'm talking about.

Rick: That's pretty much like what we settled on. That's how we said. That's how it looks like it's supposed to be pronounced, but there’s nothing more irritating l like, my last name is Bentley, and the clearly obvious looking way to spell it is

B-E-N-T-L-E-Y, like the fancy car.

Lyle: Right.

Rick: And, I don't know how many times in the last 39 years, someone has spelt it

without the E at the end, and it … like, I look at them like, it’s very clear like this

… I feel like this should be a common sense thing for everyone. Same thing

with [crosstalk 00:16:40]-

Lyle: Don’t leave you out of the inheritance, right?

Rick: Well, Mark’s last name is Rogers, but people always want to spell it like Aaron

Rodgers, the football player. R-O-D-G-E-R-S.

Mark: I don’t have a D.

Rick: And so, you have to tell them like, “Oh, I’m Mark Rogers. No D. No D at all.”

Mark: Lyle, where are you right now?

Lyle: I’m in Creston British Columbia.

Mark: I figured.

Rick: I knew you were in Camp [inaudible 00:17:04]. I could feel it on your lips. I’m listening to … I’m watching hockey right now.

Mark: Gross. You just felt Lyle’s lips?

Rick: I meant from the accent Mark.

Mark: I talked to Lyle about Rick feeling his lips. Alright. Got that one. Okay. Very quickly before-

Lyle: I was born in Minnesota though. I was born in Hennepin County, just south of Twin Cities there.

Rick: Oh, Hennepin County. Okay.

Mark: Do you know where … Oh, dang it. It’s North Dakota like Minot? Minto?

Rick: Minot.

Lyle: Minot.

Mark: I want to buy a girl that I work with-

Lyle: That's where my father, just … where were we at … Des Lacs. He was born in

Des Lacs, North Dakota. We had an old homestead somewhere. Was it southeast of Minot? [crosstalk 00:17:52]

Mark: … So, I have a friend who is moving up to there from Texas, and she’s from


Lyle: Flap to flap.

Mark: … Yeah. It’s just cold. It’s just colder up there.

Lyle: Oh yeah. It’s colder. It’s snowing there right now, I think.

Mark: Okay. Very quickly. We’re going to guess your birthday. One guess each. And, you can’t-

Lyle: And, so who Googles me?

Mark: No. No one. No. Well, Rick. Probably Rick.

Lyle: I want to know who Googles, Rick. Rick?

Rick: I did this bit last year where like, I started doing research because of my profession. I’m a police… criminal investigator, and so I’m pretty good at finding information.

Mark: You’re pretty good at using Google.

Rick: I nailed. It’s not just Google. It’s mostly Google. I nailed like three out of four birthdays, and the fourth one, I was like one day off. And, it’s a bit and Mark like didn’t pick up on it-

Mark: I didn’t catch on it.

Rick: … and so, I have had to give Mark my solemn oath. I have not done any research whatsoever to prepare myself for this interview. So, Mark, you may have the honors, Mark.

Mark: Okay. And you can’t say, “Ooh, you’re close.” It’s just yes or no because you don’t want to give Rick a hint.

Lyle: Yeah, you bet.

Mark: October 10th.

Lyle: No.

Mark: Damn.

Rick: I’m going to go … Okay, hang on. Let’s use some logic here. So, you’re from up north-

Mark: Which has nothing to do with it.

Rick: … people probably spent a lot of time, you know- Inside.

Rick: ... conserving body heat when it’s cold, so I’m going to go nine months from January. I’m going to go with September 19th.

Lyle: No.

Mark: Thank god. Alright, what is it?

Lyle: November 25th.

Rick: Okay. Listen, we’re in the right area.-

Mark: You’re like a …

Rick: I feel like my logic was good and solid.

Mark: Yeah. You’re like a Thanksgiving birthday … close …

Lyle: Exactly.

Mark: Yeah. My wife is on November 21st.

Lyle: Yeah, yeah.

Mark: So … Anyway … Well, we sort of-